It comes to a point where you just have to go out and try something and learn on the fly and as you can see right here I'm learning on the job too.


So I'm I don't know everything I'm definitely learning but the goal is you have to get started at some point so you can't just be a person that watches videos and wait for the perfect opportunity to come or the opportunity to make the most money.


So you're not going to know what to do unless you give it a shot and try it out and see how things work so these are the steps in my opinion from what I've learned and what I've seen other marketers and entrepreneurs talk about this is just based on my observation.

The steps you need to be successful with internet marketing so what you want to do are you first want to find a product that solves a problem so you're looking for a solution to a problem that someone may have and just to give you.

An example of that is the purpose of the products that I promote in this article and this article itself is based on helping people make money online with low-cost methods because I feel like that's the barrier to why most people don't want to make money online.

They feel like it's going to cost them an arm and a leg in order to get started making money online and to actually get started with sales or something like that so this is all dedicated to helping people to break that barrier by lost caught low-cost commission programs.

That will help them to break the barriers of entry and help them to be more comfortable with getting started making money online so that's an example of what I do now you have to analyze don't just try and look at oh I want to go into weight loss because you know it's a lot of money and weight loss.

Which there is and obviously we want to make money but the thing is that you want to do something that you have an interest in and that you really want to help solve not necessarily just for internet marketing.

But where anything is healthy as far as making money online so you want to connect the next thing you want to do is you want to get yourself a marketing system and connect that product that solves the problem to a capture page.

So you want to have your marketing system in place that's going to actually help you to be able to capture those leads and to invest in your own traffic source which being those leads that you're capturing now obviously right here this is important leads are better than cells.

Because leads are going to last longer than cells will and as you can see here i put sales are good money is great of course money is great we won't believe that let me underline that just to highlight it so money is great but you want to build a list.

So that's how all of your gurus and people that are here every day that's telling you to make money with this and to make money with that they're dipping into their list their building list over time and they're earning money every time.


They shout out or put their new product in the email blast so that's why you want to make money by using the email list as opposed to just getting focusing just on the money and on sales most important thing is getting traffic to that capture page and you want to make sure you use one source especially.


If you're new to internet marketing don't spread yourself to them where you're everywhere so you want to choose one platform maybe two at the most that you're using to market in and actually get leads and generate interest in your products or offers and the very last thing.

I have here is that you want to give value to your list just on promote so you want to make sure that you show people that you care about their success not that you care about you getting their money so you're gonna be better off at giving value.

And creating content as opposed to just trying to get sales with just a random affiliate page so these are some tips that I have for you guys I hope they help and let me walk through a little short example with you guys that's going to be able to help you to kind of visualize this a little more.

So this is going to be a short example that I hope you guys can understand where I'm coming from on it but this is instant profits club and this is something that I do try to do and if you guys have been around my of time you've probably seen this program a couple times.

So one of the things I said that I want to do is try and create opportunities and load a better entry to people that want to make money online so what I've done is I have an affiliate link here to free money making membership so that means people can simply give away money with built-in.

To build everything is built-in all ready for you to earn all you have to do is sign up upgrading is optional and IP so that's going to solve a problem for somebody's thinking man I don't have the money to start an online business.

This is going to be free so that cuts the barrier entry that makes it easier for me to get them into my list so what I've done since I found the thing that the product that solves the problem I connected to a capture page so this allows me to actually capture that lead and they're coming to my ecosystem.

And also it helps to give something away so I have some free bonuses whenever people sign up for my offers and also I have free ebooks that I've actually created and some that I've used to actually help the leads soften even more.


So if you're giving away something for free more than likely people are going to want to sign up for it now that doesn't mean everybody's going to sign up or like pay you for something for it but your job is just to get people into that your ecosystem of leads and into your marketing system.

So my marketing system here is all in one profit and I have the capture page that I created here so that's an example of what you want to do and of course I'm making about it so I can make a youtube video about there's free money making membership.

And all you have to do is sign up there's no setup required just grab your link and start giving it away click on the link below sign up so that's how you do it guys that's how these people are making your favorite girl rules everybody that you're seeing online. 

What I need to do to get started making money online is seriously build these lists get these leads and make sure that we're doing all we can to get traffic to those leads and get traffic by I use safe list traffic exchanges.