I wanted to start with like an initial example just to make sure you guys know exactly what's going on with hierarchies this is kind of one of those things that i feel like you learned very early on in life and then kind of forget about.


You know this is like a fourth grade pyramid or something out of like a fourth grade history book but what it's showing is ancient egyptian society and how it was structured using a pyramid is kind of an allegory for that right makes a lot of sense.

And of course at the bottom you have slaves who are like the servants of the working class then you have craftsman and peasants then you have like your merchants which would be like your small business owners.


Today and then above that you had scribes which was like low-level government soldiers were actually their own kind of like semi-ruling class here and then the government officials and then of course the pharaoh who controlled those government officials.

So this was the hierarchy of society right and you can see they're saying rich people and poor people right so the higher up on the pyramid you are the wealthier you are the farther down the poor you are right and what a lot of people don't talk about is.

If you kind of draw a square around this and just because i trimmed it out of a pdf you can kind of see the square you can see that down here this almost works as kind of a scale for like what percentage of the wealth you get you know this like little triangle here plugged onto the side is all the wealth.

In this society the people down at the bottom of course get the least and then a little more and a little more and a little more a little more right and as you go up you get more and more wealth right pretty basic concept so this of course plays over to modern life.

Now i'm being a little silly here this is of course like some deep level conspiracy theory stuff but what you can see here is you have people the planet and all living things at the bottom of the hierarchy right and then government corporations the big banks the central banks right.

It's really very clearly kind of like a conspiracy theory thing but you'll notice it follows the exact same structures okay it's saying the same stuff more power and wealth at the top less power and wealth at the bottom and how these things may very well interact.

This is it's exactly how modern society works now we try and do some things different to help people be able to jump up these rungs although this is some very strange stuff here that you might not want to jump up or into but you get the idea.


Now here's a more kind and loving version of a pyramid of a hierarchy okay and this is what's called maslow's hierarchy of needs so for any of you who have ever been kicked out of your parents house been evicted um had no food because you were so broke have been homeless for a time etc.


Whatever it might be right you may be more acutely aware of this than anyone else because you've actually had to experience stuff at the bottom okay physiological needs and what maslow's hierarchy of needs will do for those.

You who aren't aware of it is it helps you understand the stuff in the real world you got to get done around you to just to feel better right you're depressed you're having a hard time etc let's take a look at this stuff and see if we can fix it to get you feeling better before.

We do anything else it's kind of like a psychology 101 thing so physiological needs you got to have food you got to sleep you got to have a place to live you got to have some clothes on your back etc right safety needs right do you feel secure do you have a job.

Do you know if money is coming in next week next month next year do you have access to resources like health healthcare safe roads electricity heat right health and property right are you able to acquire personal property and have some pride in that you know love and belonging.

Do you have friends do you have intimate relationships you have families and you have a sense of connection with the rest of the world esteem do you respect yourself do you feel like you have some type of status recognition strength or freedom okay.

Then of course self-actualization right the desire to become the most that one can be okay so really looking towards the stars in many ways right but you can't do this until all this other stuff happens just like the financial elite can't exist unless the people the planet and all living things are participating.

In society okay this doesn't matter anymore if that bottom rung falls out right and here's the funny thing right if the central bank closes all this falls apart just like with the pharaohs right if the government officials started to upheave and tried to take over the pharaoh.

All this would fall down and you'd have to build a new one okay so that's kind of the idea here right is in society in your own mind and in your life there's always a hierarchy of things that need to be completed okay and so in digital marketing that's exactly the same in digital marketing.

You have to have a foundation of things that are completed you have to have a base that's doing work for you before you can add the next piece and the next piece and the next piece until you get to full automation of your marketing system.

So let's run through the pyramid here and this is a concept that i've developed myself i really think it's a breakthrough in marketing methodology and so i'll run through it with you from the bottom to the top so at the base you have search engine optimization.

And this is what my company does so this is website optimization having good content on that website for users to read getting client reviews sharing helpful links things like that okay and what that what this really means is is google going to give you traffic or not okay.

You can go ahead and watch some of my other videos if you want to get a feel for what that really means but this is the base of everything okay if you hire an automation company to add machine learning to your digital marketing mix and your site doesn't have this stuff on it.

They're going to fire you as a client because you aren't ready okay if you try to hire a facebook ads guy they're going to tell you to get this stuff done first even if they don't call it seo even if the end result isn't a search engine optimized website.

Because they don't know what wrenches to turn in the background they're still going to ask for your site to have good content on it they're going to ask for client reviews they're going to ask for some helpful links okay this is basic stuff that everybody has to have.

If they want to play the game of digital marketing basically okay above that you have content marketing so these are videos made to directly attract new clients visual sales letters funnels as you may have heard them be called right anything that's made that's specifically built to be like.


Here okay because paid ads are expensive and if you can't also have a funnel where you're making money off of those that don't convert as you're learning paid ads this pyramid will collapse again so once the email and automation are built then.

And only then do you get into paid ads, okay and paid ads are where you use Facebook ads google ads Adsense things like that to truly start to scale what has been proven to work down here right so a lot of this is going to be energy spent on your team's part.

To make sure that all this stuff actually works okay what do I mean by that so if you look at these lines right and how they get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger that would be probably your profit right this line here that's how profitable each of these is the right time and money in time and money.