I'll show you today as part of this strategy this site as the name implies contains forums of hundreds of thousands of members in a variety of niches weight loss internet marketing real estate.BEST AFFILIATE MARKETING STRATEGIES FOR BEGINNERS - DIGITAL TECH BLOG

And so on are all options and your first step when you arrive here is to select one of them so we either choose ones about which we are most passionate or choose a few at random.


Then we'll leave the site and go to the second platform we'll be using today which will actually pay us and the website in question is none other than audible.com.

I'm sure most of you have heard of this website and for those of you who haven't let me explain briefly audible is an Amazon subsidiary that sells audiobooks people enjoy.

Because some prefer listening to an audiobook rather than reading a book and paid memberships are how audible makes money people pay a set monthly fee to gain access to the audiobooks available on this website have said that according to similarweb.com over 25 million people have visited.

Audible in the last month so it's undeniably a popular site which will be crucial for us this is due to the fact that we will be promoting audible as an affiliate now for those of you who aren't fans of affiliate marketing.

And I'm aware that there are quite a few of you you want to keep watching because audible's affiliate program is not like other site's affiliate programs as most of you are aware affiliate marketing works as follows you use your affiliate link to promote a company or product.

And whenever someone purchases through that link you will receive a percentage of the product sale price also known as a commission in the affiliate market but here's how audible's affiliate program works and why we want to promote it in the first place is that they provide a 30-day free trial.

This is significant because it is far easier to persuade someone to try out a site via a free trial without having to invest and thus risk any of their own money more importantly you will be paid as affiliates whenever someone simply signs up for the free trial, as a result, they do not need to make a purchase.


Go back to work and continue making money this is the crazy part about audible's affiliate program and the reason I said you should keep watching you will essentially make money by getting people to sign up for a website rather than purchasing anything making it far easier.


Anyway, what you want to do now is go to google and search for audible affiliates and then open this page and the first thing you'll notice when you arrive here are three simple steps you will advertise direct traffic to audible and be compensated.

But that's not all I wanted to show you on this page because I know you're into numbers and you can see exactly how much you will be paid here and take a look at this every time someone simply signs up for a free trial on this website.

You will earn five dollars and that money can quickly add up it's already fifty dollars if ten people sign up which isn't bad at all you will now receive an additional ten dollars if someone signs up for a paid membership as a result you could earn up to 15 per customer.

If that isn't enough for every audiobook they purchase you will receive 50 cents so there's a lot of opportunities to make a lot of money here with that said I recommend reading everything on this page so you understand exactly how this works course.

I'm not going to do that to avoid prolonging the article after you read everything and get a sense of how everything works you'll need to return here and click on become an affiliate then create an amazon account and once you've entered all of your information and created.

Once you'll want to log in now that you've received your audible account I'd like to explain how to find a forum that will serve as our traffic source as I'm sure most of you are perplexed by the reason we're using it as a traffic source instead of Facebook or another social media platform.

You can get referral links for specific audio books on audible so you can get a referral link to a marketing-related audiobook you can for example choose one for weight loss or dieting and because you're promoting a specific audiobook.

You'll need a targeted audience that finds a forum provides you can find forums with people who are specifically interested in marketing or whatever as an example in my case I'll go with a weight loss niche once you've decided on a niche go to google and search for the most popular.

Best audiobook in that same niche again in my case it's weight loss, as a result, I look for the most popular weight loss audiobooks and as you can see I discovered a plethora of these right here, and when I looked for one of them on audible.

I found it quickly and take a look at this it costs nothing to obtain so as I've stated numerous times people don't have to pay for audiobooks as a result more people will click on your affiliate link earning you more money anyway once you've obtained the affiliate link for your specific audiobook.


You will return to find a forum and share it with everyone on all of these forums and they are used by hundreds of thousands of people this one forum alone has 50 000 members these firms collectively have a million or more members which equates to a million potential customers.

This is insane when you think about it anyway in my case all I can do is share my affiliate link and tell everyone how this audiobook helped me lose weight and how they can get it for free when these people see the word free I can guarantee that hundreds if not thousands.

I Will check it out with many signing up for the free trial and some even purchasing audiobooks once the free trial expires keep this in mind for the time being you don't want to limit yourself to a single market to maximize your profits recommend acquiring affiliate links.

I demonstrated to find the best or most popular audiobooks in your chosen niche find them on audible and then share them with everyone you meet on these forums the best part is that you will earn money in the form of passive income.