I want to share with you if you're a business owner three simple steps that you want to start using today to convert sales and to get more people from your online marketing strategies and if you don't have online marketing strategies stick around with me up to the end.


I'll be sharing with you how you can get access to me as the marketing king to really help you get your business to the next level through different online strategies so let's dive into what really happens when it comes to the online world most of the people don't understand these three steps.


So the first step is all about thinking about traffic okay then after you get this traffic the second point is how can you convert this traffic and then the third part is really making sales and when I talk about converting you want to focus on three factors.

When you take a look at conversing you want to take a factor number one people should know you factor number two people should like like like you factor number three is people should know like and trust three simple factors to convert your client into sales.

Three simple factors to really make this person who really doesn't know anything about your brand your product anything to buy from you confidently so let me walk you through this process as fast as possible so step number one traffic.

Where do you get this traffic from this is from Facebook this is from Instagram this is from youtube this is from google this is from LinkedIn always make sure to just watch other episodes where I'm really showing you how to work on Facebook how to work on LinkedIn youtube google LinkedIn.

And other social media platforms I'll really be doing a lot of content really showing you the exact steps that you're supposed to take in order to position your brand and grow your business to the next level but today let's first understand the basics of this.

Let's first understand the foundation because if you're not building the foundation correctly if you're not building the foundation right I want you to listen to me very carefully you will not be making sales.


 you will be struggling you will be wondering what are people doing so let's jump into it step number one traffic facebook Instagram google after you get people asking you about your product and services.


What is the next thing that you want to do and I want you to bear this in mind it takes seven times seven to eight times this is what I believe for someone to recall your brand and make patches and really come and interact with you.

How can you make that happen to have an opt-in page what is an opt-in page this is after you've gotten traffic from social media an opt-in page is a page whereby someone comes they see um someone comes they see the information that they're interested in.

What you want to do first is collect their name okay collect their name and collect their email on your opt-in page what does this help you do this helps you follow up with these people and that's why you're seeing this here this helps you send them email follow-ups.

Because remember the moment someone comes into your sales page and explains to you the sales page a little bit and they are jumping this middle process it means that someone comes here the number of people who buy from the first time.

They're seeing your content to guessing uh your product online is one percent okay one percent of the people are the ones who buy so what's hap what is happening to the 99 percent of the people what's happening to the 99 of the people right.

I've actually written here a dollar so I'm so amazed about how this whole process really helps you scale your business so 99 of the people where are going because you're taking people straight from social media skipping this most important part.

And you're losing 99 of the people who will buy your product or who will get your service so what happens here is collect the email addresses collect the information and send them emails follow up with them each and every day of following up with them.


You're contacting them you're building a relationship okay there is always a lifetime value of a customer not everyone as I said earlier not everyone would buy at the first time but when you take a look at this line.

This is point a where someone has been exposed this is exposure someone has been exposed to your product to put it b where someone makes a purchase okay this is Apaches from point a to point b what are you working on.

How are you building this is what you're supposed to be focusing on relationships trust credibility and how do you do that if you skip the opt-in page you are losing 99 of the people because you will not be able to build these factors.

You may be getting just one percent of the people buying your products but guess what customer accusation is always the hardest thing than marketing to someone.

Who has already bought your product or someone who has already engaged with your brand you'll be wasting a lot of money looking for new clients focusing on the one percent.