All right so welcome to learn to market your business you know we are going to kick things off in the marketing your business podcast with a three-part series.


And I'm going to start first with the foundational piece which is the title of this article it's called marketing is simple.


Because it really is you know too often I see business owners making it way more complex than it really needs to be and the fact of the matter is it boils down to three specific things the first thing is getting attention.

So how do you get attention well there are a ton of different types of marketing designed to get people's attention there's content marketing, social media marketing, video marketing Facebook marketing affiliate marketing direct marketing email marketing.

There's mobile marketing there's pay-per-click marketing there's the point of sale marketing referral marketing SEO marketing street marketing viral marketing man the list goes on and on but the point of the matter is every single type of marketing is all designed and engineered.

To get people's attention so let's just take content marketing as an example what's the whole point of creating content well we want to create high-value content so that it grabs people's attention we can give them value upfront in the hope that they're going to want to continue to hear from us.

They're going to want to continue to either click through to our website sign up for our email list they're going to want to continue to hear from us right so that's the point of creating high-quality content and doing that on a consistent basis creates a tremendous amount of trust.

But it's all about getting attention in the beginning because once we've got the attention now we can earn the trust so if we look at email marketing it's the same thing what are we trying to do when we email our prospects.

We're trying to get their attention with a catchy subject line and then obviously the opening line in the email and the opening paragraph etcetera it's all engineered to get attention what about in an actual store.

Like when you walk into a store there's those point of sale marketing right like the things that are really going to grab your attention and pull you over to a new display or whatever it may be the point is it's engineered again to get your attention.


I mean there's a million things that are you know trying to grab your attention that point of sale display or whatever it may be is just engineered to try to get your attention so the first thing in marketing is that everything that we want to do is initially designed to get attention.


The second thing is in our marketing we want to then convert that attention so what do I mean by that well-converting could be you know turning a prospect into a hot lead that now joins your email list or perhaps even into a sale.

You know if you want to go all the way to the extreme so how do we go about converting attention well that boils down to a few key things number one like having a great offer you gotta have a great offer that people are gonna be compelled to buy.

But number two is you gotta give people a reason to buy so there's a number of things that factor into that thing like deadlines and bonuses and prices but people have got to have a reason to buy your products and services but then you dig a little deeper.

Like how are you going to actually convert people's attention into buying or signing up your email list or whatever it may be well you could do that online through an online sales letter you could do that through a webinar you could do that through video.

You could do that in person like face to face but the point of the matter is whatever method you use whether it's online video or webinars or in-person you're going to be using copy or words that are going to create a desire for what it is that you are trying to get people to either buy or sign up.

Whatever it may be so when you're using different copies or words that are things like headlines that's things like hooks and triggers it's all about you stacking the value and it's all about appealing to both their external and internal problems.

They are so critical in the success that you and I have in our business the point of the matter is number one we've got to get attention number two we've got to convert attention and the third part is that we got to keep attention so again this is really really simple.

It's all about just loving on your tribe it's about just continuously over-delivering and maintaining that high level of trust that you have got either through a sale or through somebody again signing up to your email list.

So how do you do that good number one it's creating a great experience with buying from you so that is great customer service that's delivering unexpected bonuses it's about helping your clients get the results that they're after and the thing.


I would encourage you to do is to think about finding ways to continue to be of service the goal for you and me as business owners are just to look for problems we are problem seekers we want to find problems that our market is experiencing.

So that we can continue to create solutions for them if we continue to create solutions people are never going to want to go anywhere else as long as we continue to identify problems and provide solutions people are going to want to continue to buy from us.

Now here's the real thing I want you to think about though when people buy from you I want you to think about the experience that they are having consuming your product it's really like the pre-launch to whatever you plan to sell next so the experience of consuming.

What it is that your offer is really setting up the sale of whatever you want to sell next and so you really want to engineer that whole buying experience to be a real wow experience right you want people to just be raving about the experience of buying from you.