This article is all about maximizing your marketing results while reducing and minimizing the stress for your team and for your audience this is what I call the perfect marketing plan because look if you are not getting the results that you want from your marketing.


It's likely because you're trying to do too much and you're probably burning out your team and you're burning out your audience and the worst part about it is that when you do too much you don't have the time to really invest yourself creatively in making.


Everything that you do with your marketing world-class so here's what I've done I basically have boiled my marketing promotions and my marketing plan down to two types of promotions there's the level promotion and b level promotion.

Now the level these are your big promotions i mean this is where you're all hands on deck this is where your team is like rolling up your sleeves everybody is focused and paying attention to this one particular promotion is where you're pulling out all the stops.

You may have a variety of different marketing components to this promotion you may have a video series you may have webinars you are probably running Facebook ads you're probably doing list builders ahead of time.

You've got your email marketing campaigns there are multiple phases to these promotions you may even have a sales team you're bringing on extra support the bottom line is like these are massive promotions right and they're designed to bring in a lot of new customers or a lot of new prospects.

All in a very short period of time okay so the b level promotions well these are a lot smaller so you may promote a smaller product or maybe an evergreen promotion or whatever it may be but they're much much smaller promotions.

So you may have a few things that you send out on social media you may have a few emails you send out at a maximum for these b-level promotions you may do a webinar but the bottom line is that these promotions are way more low-key now given that.

You've got your a-level promotions which are bigger promotions and your b level promotions which are smaller what's the perfect balance like how many of each should you have throughout the year well working with lots of clients in all kinds of different industries and markets.

Here's what I can tell you what I believe to be the perfect mix and that is four a-level promotions per year and a maximum of eight b level promotions so let me break this down so when I say four a-level promotions what I'm basically referring to is one major promotion per quarter.


So you know for a speaker an author an influencer that may be like two promotions per year for their membership one per year for a signature course that they may have and perhaps one major promotion for a book that they have written and are launching.


But let's say you're a sophomore company what would it look like there well maybe you have two a-level promotions per year for the actual software that you're selling maybe you have one major promotion per year for an event that you have for your customers.

And maybe you have one promotion slot open so that if anything else comes up perhaps you find another opportunity for another product that you want to create for your audience whatever it may be you've got a slot open where you can you know do a promotion for that.

Then you sprinkle in the b level promotions throughout the rest of the year the key thing is that when you are and then everything else works around that when you have this level of clarity it makes making decisions super easy.

Because now you can look at your calendar and you can say look have we already got an a-level promotion yes do we have room for anything else no, therefore, it makes it a very easy decision whether you say yes or no and if you are going to say yes it means that you then have to say no to a promotion.

You've already got in place if you go more than four a-level promotions per year here's what you run the risk of burning your audience out and when you burn your audience out they don't know where to put their attention.

And they don't know where you are trying to direct them and they're confused and a confused mind never buys so with marketing you want to be really careful where you're going to go all out because you want to make sure that you are making it clear for your audience.

Where you want them to take action and where you don't want them to take action and if everything's a top priority if you're like pushing hard on everything nothing becomes a priority for them does that make sense so you've got to break it?

You've got to be disciplined in these four major promotions per year those are your a level and then you can sprinkle your b level ones throughout now if you want to get fancy with this here's what I suggest you do you can increase the number of a-level promotions.

If you segment your audience now this becomes a little more complex but the bottom line is is that you then are treating your audience like multiple groups so instead of sending all your a level promotions to everyone maybe you have four a-level promotions to one segment.

And another four a-level promotions to another segment and they could be two totally different sets you follow so the key is if you do want to expand the number of offerings that you have don't think that whatever you're going to expand to is going to be relevant for everybody in your audience.


Because it's not you can expand the number of offerings that you make only and only if you segment your audience but the bottom line is this with these two types of promotions a level and b level it makes it super clear and very easy for you in terms of managing your marketing calendar.

And when you break it down into a level and b level it makes it very easy for you and your team to know where you're going to need to go all out and where you can back off and take it a little bit easier and it gives you the clarity to know that you are not going to burn yourself out.

And your team out and most importantly you're not going to burn your audience out because if you burn them out I'm just telling you the value of your list and the value of your influence goes down dramatically.

So it's important to maintain a great balance all right so those are the two types of promotions that are how you maximize your results and how you minimize your stress and when you design it.